Chinese Folk Art Workshop proudly presents,


To be performed at the Casey Theatre at Regis College on Saturday, May 27th at 2 PM and 7:30 PM.

In Chinese mythology, the Dragon and Phoenix represent mountain and water, which in turn each symbolize Yin and Yang, the two basic powers of Chinese philosophy responsible for movement and life. Our performance group features both male and female performers, representing the Impression of Mountain and Water simultaneously. By flying and dancing together, these two powerful entities create graceful and powerful movements that bring life to the performance and dazzle the audience.

As it relates to life, youth is like a spotless, white canvas; as long as the scene is meticulously composed and executed with determination, a stunningly vibrant picture can be painted. No two dancers are alike: some are like a splash-ink painting, while others are like watercolor, but all possess fantastic artistry and brilliance. In this performance, the dance movements flow in an interplay between ink and shadows. The majestic display of the splash-ink creates a spectacular scene for the audience much like that of a beautiful landscape.